Monica & Bill

Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury, not sex.   Monica did what young girls do.  The fact that she did it in the White House just made it that much more exciting for her.  She is hardly any victim.   Being exposed doesn’t make one a victim anymore than going unexposed made her virtuous.

Clinton should have been the responsible adult in the room.  The fact he wasn’t shouldn’t shock anyone.  Everyone in America knew he was a unprincipled, sex addict and most of us suspected he was a rapist and pervert.  A really lot of us knew it for a fact.

Hillary, for her part is a shady lawyer, an unprincipled, political operator and a crook and everyone knows that as well.  We knew it then and we know it now.  Democratic politicians have nothing to fear with regards to such matters as their constituents by and large have no morals, or principles.  That’s just the plain truth and every one of us knows that much as well.

Now that Bill and Hill are done, their careers over and they have no more power, or serious influence suddenly the media is allowed to talk about it?   The media has discovered they can ask hard questions and show case such fashionably popular movements as “Me Too.”  What utter hypocrisy!

The fact that such old news and sad truth should appear to us, or be allowed to be portrayed as so disturbing, upsetting, or controversial speaks to who and what the rest of us have become.